You're Invited: Arm Party

"An arm party?" you ask.  Yes you heard that right! An arm party is all about creating the perfect stack of bracelets and jewelry to add a touch of pizzazz to your look.  To be honest there is no real method to the madness of bracelet stacking.  It is a great way to express yourself, safely experiment with style, and add texture, color, and shine to your look.  Whether you are new to the arm candy trend or a frequent party host, we hope you feel inspired to create your own one-of-a-kind arm party. 


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FOR:  Everyone! Anyone can rock this trend but you cannot rock this look with only a party of one.  An arm party becomes a party when at least two pieces are stacked together.  Keep it functional by stacking bracelets with your favorite watches or health bands.  All shapes and sizes are invited to this party.  We suggest pairing multiple widths of bracelets for easy movement and interest.  One easy recipe for stacking is to pair one wide piece like a watch or cuff with two smaller pieces. But remember, there are no real rules, so you can also throw that suggestion out the window and wear all bracelets in the exact same size and style. 

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WHEN:  Whenever!  An arm party can take place whether you are going for a casual look or when dressing to the nines.  Parties are best when there is an essential theme to them so choose a theme for your arm party.  Your party may be a metallic theme or a color theme.  Perhaps your party is inspired by your outfit or that great vacation you went on last summer when you bought your favorite beaded bracelet.  If you want a simple theme you can choose pieces that all have rhinestones or pieces that are all in a yellow gold color.  


WHERE (WEAR):  Bring all colors, metals and textures to your party. Braided tie bracelets can pair nicely with metallic cuffs.  Bracelets that dangle can pair well with bracelets that do not.  Wear what makes you happy and adds a smile to your face.  There are so many bracelets out there that have special meanings and symbols.  Wearing words of affirmation or keepsakes that remind you of a special person or place will bring positivity to your day.  


RSVP: Are you in for the party?  These party guests have already RSVP'd to our party.  We hope you enjoy throwing your own!



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