Yoga Pant Tuesday

Every Tuesday morning at 10:30 am we have yoga here at Cents of Style.  It is open to any employee who wants to participate. It’s not your typical yoga class, just like we aren’t your typical company.  It’s not dim lights and Namaste. It's more like stretches in cute active wear. At any given time, a child may be climbing on a participant and our Yogi’s name is Allison-- she has big blonde hair and a penchant for leopard print and hot pink. Needless, to say, it's one of my favorite hours of the week.

So, on a typical Tuesday morning, instead of getting in my standard work attire I pull on my favorite yoga pants -- the Cents of Style Essie -- and a Cents of Style workout tank, and this is my uniform for the day. 



After my hour of stress relief, you would think that I would change, but…I don’t. I stay in my favorite yoga pants and their stretchy comfort takes me through the rest of the day.

Tuesday afternoon sales meetings seem just a little more productive when I’m surrounded in spandex. Then it is off to our every Tuesday photo shoot. Photo shoots are incredibly glamorous to begin with (winky face emoji), but I just add to their Hollywood vibe in my trucker hat.

Here’s a little insider information, a lot of our famous shoe shots are me….and sometimes you may catch a glimpse of my yoga pants in the shot.


But in all seriousness, at Cents of Style, we believe that when you look good, you feel good, and then you can go to good and I believe active wear is no exception. That is why we offer fun and functional workout pieces that can literally take you from yoga to a photo shoot, like they do for me, every Tuesday.

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How do YOU wear your activewear?