White Jean Recipe

I love jeans.  I mean, I really love jeans (especially the stretchy, fit no matter what I have eaten the day before jeans).  A few seasons ago, I decided to give white jeans a try.  I was worried that every possible stain would somehow find it's way to my new jeans and that I wouldn't look as good in white than I did in a dark wash (I've heard horror stories).  To my surprise, white jeans were just the magic that my closet needed.  White jeans have a way of magically transforming your mundane tops into brighter happier versions of themselves.  For example, the chartreuse top that doesn't seem to look right when you wear it with blue or black jeans suddenly looks vibrant and unexpected when paired with white.  And on top of all that, white jeans are extremely versatile.  Remember that old rule where you weren't supposed to wear white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day?  That rule went out the window a long time ago and now white jeans are here to stay all year long.  Here is my go to recipe for layering with white jeans in the spring.  Stick to this recipe and fabulous outfits will follow!

The Go To, Never Fail, White Jean Spring Outfit Recipe

(nice name huh!)

Required Ingredients:

White jeans: White jeans come in a variety of styles and materials.  I love a good distressed slightly stretchy skinny white jean but you can find them boot cut, flared, ankle, etc.  Skinny jeans are versatile and when they fit well they flatter any body. White jeans should fit and feel as comfortable as your favorite pair of blue jeans so finding the right pair for you is key (and it will make you want to wear them often).

1.jpg                                                                                            Photo Source

Non-clingy Simple T-Shirt or Tank: For this simple layering recipe you will need a simple tee or tank top.  It doesn't have to have a lot of detail or pattern but should fit you well.  Choose a fit that is slightly loose but doesn't drown you.  This is a moment where you can really play with color.  You can go bold with a bright red or cobalt blue (love these colors with white) or you can go in a daring direction by pairing your white jeans with cream or white.  Don't be afraid to mix cream and white with white, this outfit recipe will help it look intentional.  The absolute best thing about white jeans is that literally every color in the book will pair well with them. 

2.png                                                         Photo Source

Long Sleeve Layer: The icing on the cake for this recipe is the long sleeve layer on top.  This layer can be a lightweight cardigan, jean jacket, or anorak jacket to name just a few.  Because the jeans are as neutral as they come, you can really play up or play down the color.  For example, if you chose a baby blue solid top you can easily mix it in with a fuchsia cardigan.  Light layers that you used to wear under your thicker layers in the winter can also work perfectly in the spring with this outfit recipe.  For example the chambray shirt that you practically wore out last winter could work when unbuttoned and layered on top of this look. I suggest scrunching up the sleeves for a relaxed ready for spring look.

3.jpg                                             Photo Source

Toppings: (Optional) The cherry on top to this outfit is the accessories that you choose to layer on top.  Bright sandals, or happy flats will give even more color to play with.  Simple understated necklaces, an arm stack, or a patterned light weight scarf will add minimal detail.  You can't go that wrong in this department with such a simple look.  This is your moment to break out those assessories you rarely wear or fogot you had.  

4.jpg                                                                     Photo Source                                  Photo Source

Once you get a taste of this simple white jean outfit recipe it will easily become your go to as well!