What life is. A new t-shirt line waiting for your story.

Life is so, so hard some times. Who are we kidding? Most of times, life is so hard. Why does it always seem that way? Because you are living- you are in your life- and when everything around is falling down or nothing around seems to be on its way up, life is hard to you. That's your perspective. 

So yes,

Life is Tough, but, so, my darling friend, are you. 

Screen_Shot_2016-09-22_at_10.35.30_AM.pnga tough hike up Mt. Timpanogos 

Whenever I'm feeling selfish, I try to put myself- my body, my mind and even my hands- into someone else's life. Even better if that person's life is so much harder than your life currently, for whatever reason. All you need is a new perspective of life. To get out of your life, and to see what "LIFE IS" from someone else's perspective. I know that an act of service- a hand up to someone less fortunate than me or a hand out to one of my dear friends- that gives me something new to look at, rather than my own tough going. And that is usually all the persepective I need to know, in my heart, that life is also so very beautiful.

 All I need to do is hold a sweet little new baby, like Brennan's new baby Chandler, to know that life is so very sweet


All I need to do is read a post from my friend Crystal, to know that Life is Grand and I have more than I deserve. 


And all I need to do is follow along on Elisa's New Zealand escapades to know that Life is an Adventure. 


So- what perspective can you share with me, friend? What is your life like right now? I would love to hear your comments and see you in your new Life Is shirt, because that will help me FEEL the lives around me that make my own life feel so very full.