What Is The Gift?

My one little word for 2018 is ALLOW. I’m working on allowing for the year and my life as it unfolds. I’m working on letting go of the resistance, remaining and being okay with where I am right in this very moment--which happens to be in my sweats, nursing a diet coke, in front of my computer on a Saturday afternoon.

We are 10 weeks into the new year and I feel a little like I’m being tested in my resolve. Sickness, difficult business decisions, and things not going as planned have been what my life has looked like thus far this year.

There is one small technique that I learned from a friend, which has let me release the resistance and continue to allow. It is simple. In any given situation, I ask myself, “What is the gift?” or “What lesson am I learning?”


By simply asking this question it has allowed for two things. One, the act of asking the question has allowed for time to think and respond, instead of just automatically reacting. It allows for SPACE. This automatically calms. It also helps prevent knee-jerk reactions that often lead to regret. Two, the act of answering the question allows me to see the good in the situation. It allows me to see the opportunity and shifts my perspective. I shift from a negative mindset to a positive one.

And if we live with the unfailing belief that there is a gift, even in the most devastating of life’s situations, we will be happier. When we continually look for the gift, the good and the positive, when we lead from gratitude, the good in our lives expands, and no matter what life brings to us, we find the gift and thank life for the blessing.