What Do You Want To "Be"

At Cents of Style we pride ourselves in bringing you products that bring a little inspiration and empowerment. Today's Fashion Friday items will do just that for you. We're so excited to officially announce our new "Be Series" -- A collection of hat, shirts, and bracelets that will inspire you to be bold, brave, present, kind, still, good, true, and you. So now the question, who do you want to be?


So many times in our lives we are driven by fear. When we are faced with big decisions is easier to go with the safe bet. It's time to find the courage to take a risk! Let the Be Brave trucker hat give you that push of courage.



We live in a world that, at times, feel harsh and uncaring. And it feels like there's nothing you can do about that. But you can change just one person's day by extending a little bit of kindness. Let this comfy graphic tee to remind yourself to look outward as you go throughout your day.



It's a whole lot more comfortable to conform to the norm, am I right? But it is so important to be true to yourself, you believes, the things that make you happy. This beautiful open cuff bracelet will give you the strength to be true to you.



This is a personal favorite of mine in our Be Series Collection. I often find myself pulled in a million different directions and trying to multi task. I have to remind myself to just be. Be still. Be in the moment. I have this open cuff bracelet and I wear it every day as a reminder to let go and be still every once in a while.


With nine different inpirational sayings and the choice between bracelets, hats, and t-shirts, you're sure to find something in the Be Series that will speak to you. Which "BE" would you choose?

Let me know below and happy shopping!