We're All Ears

I'll be honest, my jewelry game could use some work. I'm a bit lazy about it and I wear the same pieces pretty much every day--a small gold necklace, gold stud earrings, and a few gold bracelets. Hey--Give me a break! It's easy! But it's also boring. And it doesn't say much.
Now, one of the biggest (and I really do mean big) fall 2015 fashion trends seen over and over again on the runways, was oversized statement earrings. From tassels at Lanvin to crystals at Oscar de la Renta to structural hoops at Marni--The common theme was bigger is better. (Are the fashion gods trying to tell me something?)
Pictured: Miu Miu | Lanvin | Oscar de la Renta
Pictured:Giorgio Armani | Marni | Balmain
But really, though. How much fun are big statement earrings for date night with your hair pulled back in a chignon?! Or for glamming up that plain white t-shirt just because?! Awesome. They're awesome and they make you feel awesome. So when our fall jewelry started arriving, you better believe I was keeping an eye out. And the options definitely didn't disappoint.
I am especially crushing hard on these Becca Teardrop Dangle Earrings that come in a variety of colors. I can't wait to get my hands on them.
So whether you've been on the big statement earring train for a while or, like me, are just now dipping your toe in, this fall is the perfect time to go bold. And our collection of affordable accessories makes it easier than ever to test out the trend in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.