Valentine's Day Dates and Outfits

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and we all need a little romance in our lives. But what to do and what to wear on the day of love? Don't worry, I'm here to help a girl out, regardless of what kind of date you are looking for. 


You and your man are pulling out all the stops for February 14th. So get all dolled up and head out to your favorite fancy restaurant. Then stop by a local art museum for a cultured and romantic day of love. 


For this more formal date night, pair the Choose Love graphic tee with this romantically red taffeta skirt. And nothing will make you look and feel sexier than an amazing pair of heels, like these two-tone heels with the added tassel on the back. Complete your V-Day look with some romantically-themed jewelry and a sassy black and white jacket, so you stay chic and cozy all night. This is going to be one hot date night!


How about a night of firsts? Run around town with your man and visit the place you first met, where you had your first kiss, the exact spot where he asked you to marry him. Make sure you are wearing something beautiful, but also comfortable as you go from place to place.


The Lily buffalo plaid tunic is perfectly on trend and pairs perfectly with our high waisted leggings. Add the Becket tassel necklace and my personal favorite new item, the Parade-S cut out ankle boot, for a subtley sexy feel. And what Valantine's day outfit would be complete without a heart accent? Finish your look with the Tasha heart outline midi ring and you are ready for your casual and romantic night out.


Sometimes a night out on the town isn't in the cards when you've got little ones at home. But don't let that stop you from having a night of romance. Put the kids to bed and make a delicious dessert together. Then cozy down with two spoons and pull out pictures from when you were first dating, your wedding, or those early days of marriage. 

VDayOutfit2.jpegWith an at home date you're looking for an outfit that is still put together and beautiful but also has that extra comfort factor. That means you have to reach for the leggings! These floral leggings keep things cozy and romantic and will pair perfectly with the ultimate chambray tunic and easy-to-wear flats. Add a stack of sparkling accessories (Audra earrings, Love Tribe bracelet, Marisol infinity bracelet) to complete your love day look.

Or if you want to keep it even more casual...

VDayOutfit3.jpegWhy not just slip into some sweats? But not just any sweats! These Heather jogger pants are part comfortable (like REALLY comfortable) and part sexy with their silky waistband and ankle band, super soft heathered material, and gold zipper accents. Then all you need to add is this romantic You + Me graphic tee and you're ready for a relaxing date night at home with your man.


Who says a man is required to have a fun Valentine's Day? Gather all your single friends, put on your best outfit, and go out for drinks, desserts, and hit up a local comedy club or play. Or better yet, go see that sappy romantic movie that no man would want to go to. Your ladies will always have your back! 


A girls night out is a great excuse to try out a trend you've been eying for some time, like a faux fur vest! Pair this fun addition to a more minimalistic outfit to really let it be the star. Try a raglan tee, classic riding boots and some black skinny jeans for the basis of your outfit. And finish this stunner off with a heart watch because, single or not, you totally catch the spirit of Valentine's Day. 

Now that you know what to do and what to wear, grab that man of yours (or group of besties) and set the date and get planning! 

Happy shopping and dating!