Valentine Sweatshirts




ADJECTIVE : giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation.



What's more romantic than snuggling your significant other in front of a cozy fire on a cold evening? Or snuggling your cat on the couch, while watching your favorite reruns? Either way, our stylish sweatshirts are perfect to spend Valentine's Day in comfort!



My personal favorite is this Sketch Heart beauty. It's simple, but not doubty, and has a brilliant shade of red.




If you'd like something a little more blunt without actually having to say the L-word, you can't go wrong with a bold,black top that spells it out loud.




Or, maybe you're just not into the whole Valentine's thing? We get it. It's just a greeting card holiday right? The best holiday is when the stores have discount chocolate! But maybe you want to celebrate in a different way, by spreading love and the message to Be Kind to those around you? If so, we've got that sweatshirt, too.

Check them all out here to see which is your Cents of Style.