Turn The Page: A Back To School Collection

This year for back to school, we're showing our real appreciation for teachers by giving four of our favorite mentors of future minds a makeover that shows off their real "class". Because teachers, for all that they do for us and our children, deserve to look and feel good so they can get out there and do real good in the world. "Turn the page" with us, and check out the new back to school fall collection.

Four different teachers dressed for back to school in the Cents of Style Turn the Page Collection

As a special thank you, we asked our Cents of Style tribe to recommend teachers who they felt deserved a little extra recognition and time in the spotlight for the good they're doing. Tara, Daphne, Laurie, and Alayne are four incredible women, and our Turn the Page models, making a difference in the world.

This collection is filled with practical pieces that allow movement and comfort throughout the day, while still looking pulled together and professional. Meet the knit dress and skirt. Great for inside AND outside the classroom.

_DSC8857 1.jpg

Lita Half Sleeve Babydoll Dress

_DSC8805 1.jpg

Corabelle Criss-Cross Floral Dress

_DSC9275 1.jpg

Abileen Stripe Pencil Skirt

But comfy doesn't equate to boring. Unexpected details give classic styles a fresh new take. From bell sleeves to velvet, embroidery to ruffles, little details make a big impact and this collection is full of them.

_DSC9289 1.jpg

Pika-118 Embroidered Ankle Strap Flat

_DSC9194 1.jpg

Gabrielle Keyhole Blouse

_DSC9136 1.jpg

Pippa Gingham Plaid Mini Dress

But clothes are only part of the outfit equation! We've solved for "x" and the accessories in this collection definitely have that x factor. Something as simple as throwing on a hat can help you beat the bell and avoid a bad hair day. Unexpected metallic shoes are a sophisticated interesting pop. And pencil bags with fun sayings are an easy way to keep all those pens and pencils organized.

_DSC8817 1.jpg

Marjorie Felt Floppy Hat

_DSC9241 1.jpg

Malik-06 Metallic Oxford Flat

_DSC9466 1.jpg

Delightful Imaginations Cosmetic Bag

So, bust out those No. 2 pencils and get ready to take some notes, our Turn the Page teacher style collection has great moments of learning throughout it. From lessons in layers to textbook texture play, this stylish syllabus is filled with accessible accessories that are as easy to learn as A,B,C.