Trendy Tots

One of the major perks of having kids is getting to pick out their clothes (at least while they'll still let you). But kids are notorious for being picky in most aspects of their life. So let's talk about some adorable clothes and shoes (and jewelry!) that both of you will love!

Let's start with something your little girl will love: a pearl necklace! I don't know about you, but my 3-year-old daughter is ALWAYS getting into my jewelry. She wants to look just like Mama. So go ahead and let her.  


And what about outerwear? It's a struggle to get your little one to wear something that's going to keep them warm during the colder months. Let me show you some options that they'll be happy to wear!

If your daugher is a budding fashionista, then look no further than the cape as the perfect outerwear for her this season. She's going to feel so sassy struttin' her stuff with her cape blowing in the breeze. Add a slick top knot and some skinny jeans and you are looking at the next great fashion blogger.

girls-poncho-gray-leopard-1.jpgAnd what if your kids isn't exactly excited about wearing a heavier, more structured jacket? Hand them one of these sassy hoodies and they are sure to zip it all the way up and never let it go! These hoodies are perfect for a more casual day and can be paired with some work boots for a more rugged feel or paired with a uber soft pair of leggings for ultimate comfort for your mini-me. 


Now, what about shoes? The finishing piece to any look, no matter what your age. Have your kids try these on for size:
These miniaturized work boots will have you swooning! I love their durability and how warm they keep those tiny toes. With three color options, you're sure to find a pair your child will love.


And what about a tiny version of the classic chukkas? These are also perfect for little girls or boys and can be worn with so many looks. How about some patterned tights and a dress for your daughter? Or some distressed skinny jeans for your son? The possibilities are endless. 


Add some of our great kids graphic tees to any of these new Kids Items at Cents of Style and both you and your little one will forget about how picky they once were!


With all of these fun options, we will hopefully cut out some of the fighting and wrangling in your morning process as you and your kids hurry out the door. 

Happy shopping!