Trending: The Blanket Scarf

One of the biggest trends this season is the blanket scarf. It's so versatile, so cozy, such a fun addition to any look this winter. But how exactly do you wear the massive thing? Blanket scarves are significantly larger than your standard scarf so it might be difficult to figure out how to style this trendy accessory. So let me help you out! Below you'll find many different ways to style our Berlin scarf, THE accessory to have this year.

The Neckerchief

Fold your blanket scarf in half, on the diagonal, then wrap it around your neck with the pointed corner straight in front and the ends hanging on either side.



Just as the name suggests, grab your blanket scarf and twist it as your wrap around you neck to minimize some of the volume, then let the ends hang down.


The Wrap and Tuck

Wrap your scarf around your neck twice, then tuck the ends through the loop around your neck. 


It's Called a Blanket

Forget about all the wrapping and tucking and just use the Berlin scarf as a true blanket. Grab your favorite book and you're good to go. Or treat it as a throw and toss it over the back of your couch.


The Faux Infinity

Start with the corner of one end of your scarf pointed down in the front then wrap and twist until you get to the other end. Leave the corner of the other end pointed down and tuck the loose edge. 


The Shawl

Drape your blanket scarf, unfolded, around your shoulders for a classy, graceful look. Belt it for an added layer of interest.


The Faux Infinity, Take 2

Just wrap and wrap and tuck and wrap up close to your neck for the look and feel of an infinity scarf.


The Simple Drape

Let the Berlin do all the talking as it simply lays around your neck. No wrapping, no tying, no problem.


With so many color and pattern option (and a new arsenal of ways to wear it) you're sure to find one that you'll wear all season long.



Now that you know how to wear the blanket scarf, don't miss out on this fun and cozy trend. 

Happy shopping!