Toy Room Reveal

I am SO happy and excited to at long last reveal our toy room redo! I cant even believe how much I love this room. I spent all day in there yesterday getting it just right - and then I read a book on the little couch in the sun to celebrate afterwards!
My kids are over the moon. They seem to be loving the art corner and madeover dollhouse the most. And best of all - everything is so organized that its actually FUN to clean up and put everything away! We shoved an insane amount of toys in such a tiny room. Im basically a toy room magician.
A very heartfelt thanks to the following vendors for providing the finishing touches that took my sad little space and turned it into something unique and spectacular:
Check out these shops and be prepared to buy things you never knew you HAD to have!
Sidenote: our toy room has been a literal source of angry feelings since the dawn of time. When we moved into our house 8 years ago - we neglected to take note of the insane lack of living space. 3 kids later we were hurting big time for a bonus room. The solution turned out to be our garage! Like true Californians we whipped out a conversion and walled in our third garage bay - thus providing a play space.
Remember the hideous state of this room pre-makeover? Let me refresh your memory:
Forgive the awkward angles - this room was really hard to photograph because its long and narrow....but I think you'll agree, it has drastically improved! Feast your eyes:
The floor is basically my favorite part. Remember the great color debate? Yeah. Lets just say we are lucky to still be married after that fiasco.
On to the details:
This giant paper bag with adorable sleepy face was sent to me from Maria at Tellkiddo. Can I just say - she was simply lovely to work with, and she is also responsible for introducing me to an entire list of amazing shops! Also - this bag turned stuffed animal keeper fills me with some insane joy. Its so happy!
Meet my little peg doll people that moved into my dollhouse. Please admire the french gentleman with his smart looking mustache! I die! Every single set of these little darlings are Made By Layla. She is my instagram BFF. Technically, I may fall under stalker status...because every time she makes new peg dolls I leave her 5 comments on how I HAVE to have them!!! I am so happy to finally have a set of these for my home. (Or daughters dollhouse. minor details.)
Speaking of the dollhouse - 3 days ago this was your run of the mill kidkraft majestic dollhouse courtesy of craigslist. It had your basic barbie insanity interior, complete with 80s glam color palette. 5 cans of white spray paint was this modern habitat ready for some artistic touches courtesy of my children. I let them hand paint the furniture in some bold colors and suddenly they LOVE to play with this doll house! We are going to continue personalizing this all summer! Good times.
And after: (please take a moment to giggle at the american girl doll who has had quite a ride in the shopping cart - woah!)
How in love with these prints from MiniLearners are you??? I found them on Etsy and had the worst time choosing which ones to order. They are icing on the cake in this room, and really set a more cheerful and fun tone than the crooked cat poster of sadness that used to live on the wall!
Best part of all? I uploaded these files to overnight prints and paid $6 for BOTH! The frames were some serious lucky finds for $12 at walmart. Less than $20 for two framed prints from start to finish.
Speaking of incredible Walmart finds (Wow. Now that is a statement I never thought I'd say!) I needed some buckets for storage and found these white bins for $1.85 each in the housewares section! I think technically, they are dishpans. But in my house - they are barbie and my little pony containment areas...
The french bulldog had to happen. As did each and every one of these adorable BabyLit books.
I coerced my mother to sew me these custom curtains and then my sister in law Jory was inspired to use this tiny felt ball garland from The Fickle Felt Tree shop as curtain ties. This garland was actually the very first item I collected for the toy room overhaul. I love it so much! It looked basically adorable no matter where I hung it - but I love it on the window!
The art corner consisted of a craigslist little tykes table that I got for $10 and of course...spray painted. (I have problems). I found this adorable wall thingy at TJ Maxx and used it to hold papers and rif raff, which my magpie daughter swooned over:
For a touch of whimsy we hung this TRULY ADORABLE rain cloud mobile from Donni over at the Magic Onions shop over the art table. It floats from fishing line - as if by magic, suspended in thin air! So fun!
Last and of course not least - I got this incredible lamp from Cheeky Reubens shipped to me all the way from Australia!! It draws your eye first thing when you walk into the room and everyone that sees it says the same thing: WHERE did you get that LIGHT?!
I am so happy how this redo turned out!!! Thank you again to each and every artist that helped me to turn my garage dungeon into something cozy, modern, and so lovely.
The toy room is officially the favorite room in the house! Complete with dollhouse, grocery store, art nook, lounge, and of course basically every jungle cat on the market. Its crazy. It suits us!
xoxo Christy