Tis The Season for a DIY

It's that time of year when we bust out our best holiday decor to get ourselves in the holiday spirit.  This year, I desperately wanted a tiny vintage village but I didn't have the budget to find exactly what I wanted.  Instead, I opted to make one using paper.  I even got my husband involved.  We turned on a favorite holiday movie and got to work.  At first we began with simple designs but as we got more experienced, our buildings became more elaborate.  Eventually we ended up with a tower, church, barn, and even a row of town homes.  We had so much fun that I can see it becoming a a new family tradition to make a tiny paper village each year.


To recreate your own village I have provided two simple designs to start with.  Once you get the idea you will be able to come up with your own designs.  We found that a ruler and pencil became our new best friend when designing.  We kept ours a simple white but I imagine adding washi tape, or paint and glitter would jazz them up even more.  

Step 1: Gather Materials


You will need - 

- white card stock (or any color or pattern of your choosing)

- scissors

- exacto knife

- tape

-printed house blueprint on card stock (or any color or pattern of your choosing)

 Download here: 



OR draw your own blueprint using a ruler and pencil if you are feeling creative.


Step 2: Cut out blueprint

Using scissors cut around the outside of blueprint.  Use an exacto knife to cut out the windows and doors.  


Step 3: Fold on Dotted Lines


Step 4: Tape 

Tape together the wall tab to opposite wall.  Fold in triangular tabs on roof.  I have found the easiest way to attach the roof is to put a small piece of tape beneath each triangular tan so that the tape is facing up.  Then slowly place roof right on top.  If you need to push on the tape you can access the roof trough the bottom of the house by flipping it upside down.



Step 5: Add your own Holiday flair

I added pine cones for trees and tea lights to light them at night.  I can see making my village more exciting by adding glitter, painting designs, or by using patterned paper but this time I wanted to keep it simple.