These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I recently attended a "Favorite Things Party" and I can't stop talking about it.  It all began when I recieved an invitation from my friend Lauren.

The invitation told me to choose one of my favorite things valued at $7 or less and bring 5 of the exact same items.  I decided to bring a drugstore cream eyeshadow that I love and recomend to everyone I know.  I bought 5 of them and wrapped them up in a pretty package to hand out at the party.


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When I arrived, I was happy to see some familiar girlfriends of mine as well as some new faces.  The party had a great turnout and there were at least 20 women there.  We started out by eating appetizers that everyone brought to share.  There was no shortage of goodies and I quickly filled up my plate.  While we were eating and mingling, my friend Lauren passed around a brown paper bag for each of us.  Inside, there was a mini notebook, mini pen, and 5 papers with the names of 5 other women in the room.  

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When we had eaten until our heart's content, we started the give away.  Each of us stood up to showed our favorite things.  We explained why we loved our favorite things and where we buy them (or how we make them).  If guests were interested in the item they would write down the item in their handy little notebooks.  After explaining, we would hand out the items to the five names that we had in our bags.  It was a rush to see everyone's favorite things.  I got to know the names of the women in the room quickly because I heard each person's name at least 5 times and I got to know a little piece of them through their favorite things.   

Here are a few of the favorite things that I discovered at the party.


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I came to the party with five of my favorite things but I left with 5 new favorite things and 20 new friends.  I felt so inspired to throw my own favorite things party that I have already started to cook up one of my own!