The Gift in our Flaws

The Gift in our Flaws


I am duck footed. As in, when I run my feet point out like a duck’s. It is the first flaw I remember being made fun of for- in PE, in elementary school, a boy pointing it out to the whole class, “Look! Courtney runs like a duck!” And everyone began to laugh.


This was the first time I realized my “flaw,” a piece of me, was unacceptable. It was the “something” that made me different. Not normal. Not good enough. Imperfect. Unworthy.


At 8 years old, I started “working” on fixing the flaw. I could change myself to fit in and not be weird. I could work and push my way into not having this flaw. I could consciously walk, putting my feet straight in front of me with each step, erasing this piece and embracing the shiny normal. So, that’s what I did, for years. I consciously walked to make sure my “ducks” didn’t make an appearance…and they didn’t until I ran. And to this day, when I run, my right foot still swings out before pulling back in. 

I’m still self-conscious about it, even 30 years after it was pointed out. However, I’m learning to embrace it. Perhaps its not a flaw at all, perhaps it just is. It is just a piece of me. Just like my vibrant smile, my speaking ability and my confidence in putting together a kick-ass outfit. My duck feet make me. And I love me. They don’t make me unworthy or weird, they just make me, me.


That is the gift in our flaws. The seemingly “weird” pieces of us, they are actually the beautiful bits, the uniqueness. The pieces that make us different, refreshing, fun, interesting. Not the pieces to be erased through practice and persistence, but the pieces to own, embrace and LOVE.

So I ask you, my friend, what is the gift in your flaws?