The Top Hat Styles and Trends for Women

Think you "aren't really a hat person"? Yeah. I used to think that too. Then I realized the joys of hat-wearing and my life was forever changed. When I'm having a bad hair day? (Translation: no time to wash my hair. Again.) Throw on a hat! When my outfit seems to just be missing something? Top it off with a hat! Spending the day at the lake in the sun? Grab my hat (and some sunscreen)! With so many different styles of hats, everyone can find one that fits their needs and style preferences.

1. The Bucket Hat


The bucket hat isn't just a '90s throwback; it's the ultimate spring and summer 2016 hat trend. And while Britney may have rocked this hat style all through Crossroads, we're loving the updated styles this year. Straw, accent detailing, and patterns keep this look feeling fresh and perfect for your day-to-day this spring and summer.

2. The Fedora


The Fedora has become one of the most popular hat trends for both men and women. Pair yours with a graphic t-shirt, your favorite cut-off jean shorts, and sandals for the perfect laid back outfit. To get an updated look on this hat style and one that's perfect for spring, look for a fedora made of straw rather than felt.



3. The Panama Hat



Similar to the fedora, the panama hat is a perfect option to dress up or down, though the wider brim makes a little more of a statement. The perfect accessory for running errands in the city, summer road trips, or a day at the beach, a straw hat is one you'll reach for again and again this spring and summer.




4. The Wide-Brim Sun Hat

Wide Brim Sun Hat with Off the Shoulder Top.jpg 

It's kind of impossible to put on a wide brim sun hat and not feel instantly a little more glamorous. For a day at the pool paired with your new sunnies and swimsuit cover up or a picnic at the park with your sundress and wedges, a wide brim hat is the accessory to help complete your look. 

5. The Trucker Hat


Saturday errands, evenings spent at the ball park, rushed mornings, and days at the lake all just got a little easier thanks to trucker hats and baseball caps. The ultimate low-key, cool girl hat, this is a trusty favorite that will allow you to throw it on and get out the door, because you've got things to do! 



Regardless of what your hat style is, there are countless options available to you to make sure you can wear the many theoretical hats of life, in style.