The Stone Age

" Every block of stone has a statue inside it

and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."

- Michaelangelo

When it comes to combining nature with art, and a good deal with your wallet, Cents of Style has the fashion jewelry you're looking for.



Natural stones have rolled onto the list of this year's fashion trends. Whether you like rocks polished, sculpted, or stone.collage2.jpgunrefined, your accessories will be on point. 

stone.collage5.jpgHere are a few tips to get you going in the right direction. 

Try to add depth to your everyday ensembles. By layering a stone pendant necklace with other necklaces of varying sizes and shapes, you create something interesting and worth looking at. 

Say yes to juxtaposition. You may be a rocker girl who loves her leather and graphic tees. Try pairing rougher looks with accessories that have softer lines and stone.collage3.jpgtraditional shapes. 

If you're more into florals and polka dots, add a few rougher accents to your style to give yourself an edge. Sharper lines, geometrics, and spikes can create a more balanced look.     stone.collage1.jpg

Don't be afraid of color. Our stone jewelry pieces come in a wide variety of colors, so revel in it! Adding a punchy hue can instantly transform an otherwise bland ensemble by giving it the pizazz it was longing for. 

This is the stone age. It's cute, it's funky, and it's available at Cents of Style!