The Gilmore Guys

It's no secret that we love Gilmore Girls here at Cents of Style. And by love, I mean we are border-line obsessed. If you told me that Stars Hollow was a real place, I would pack my bags and be there in an instant! Sign me up to volunteer at all the community events, save me a seat at the next town meeting, and then let's go grab a bite to eat at Luke's diner. 

Second only to my obsession with the Gilmore Girls is my love for the Gilmore Guys. If you are right there with me, let me introduce you to four new graphic t-shirts that will definitely be favorites in your collection.


First, let's talk about the main men in Ms. Rory Gilmore's life. There has been so much speculation and rumor swirling around who Rory will end up with in the reboot of our favorite show. So cast your vote now with one of these t-shirts.



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There's something about young love, and your first love, that just sticks with you. Dean was that for Rory and you've always loved him for it. Show your support for Dean Forester with this Team Dean graphic tee




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Jess, Jess, Jess! There's something about that bad boy attitude, his bookish ways, and complete love for Rory that has had you cheering for him from day one.




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You have been Team Logan since the first moment he showed he first called Rory "Ace" and introduced us to the Life and Death Brigade. He is charming, confident, and has a smile that makes you weak in the knees. 


And now onto Lorelei. We all know that Lorelei went through a lot of men throughout the seven seasons of your favorite show was on the air. But let's be honest, it was always about one guy.



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Oh, Luke! There's something about the flannel shirt, backwards hat, and dry sarcasm that makes the diner owner perfect! And definitely perfect for Lorelai! Here's to hoping there are wedding bells ringing for our two favorite love birds of Stars Hollow.


So which of the Gilmore Guys is your favorite? Tell me why? Did I miss some of your favorite qualities and quirks of the men of Stars Hollow? I want to hear all about it!

Happy shopping.