The American Dream with Laced Hair

“I’m focused on the success of my company so that it can provide for my family, no matter my health.” -- Lacy Gadegaard, owner and CEO of Laced Hair

13 years ago Lacy was offered a job at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas as a stylist assistant. With some other intense training, Lacy was placed on the floor as a stylist. She was able to work on celebrities' hair where she would travel to Beverly Hills, work on several photo shoots for magazines and even did hair for rockers on VH1.  The Laced Hair brand has now been seen on ABC's THE BACHELOR and Shark Tank, in music videos, featured in PEOPLE, ALLURE, and COSMOPOLITAN magazines, as well as being featured in several hair magazines, on popular blogs and worn by your favorite female country singers!


Lacy has been a celebrity Hairstylist for Laced Hair™, founded in 2010, and has remained at the forefront of consumer extensions, as well as a source of salon training and education for over 6 years. With all five methods of hair extensions available, in a multitude of colors and lengths, Laced Hair™ has become the professional’s go-to brand. Lacy herself has thin fine hair and her first set of extensions gave her so much confidence, she said to herself, “I have to help other women feel this way. I felt like a magician all of the sudden!" Seeing the change a simple hair extension could bring by making her client's hair fuller and longer and the happiness she helps bring to them, is priceless to Lacy.


With this success, the owner and CEO, Lacy Gadegaard, has also seen her fair share of trails. In 2014, divorced and now a full-time single mom of two boys, prioritizing for Lacy became key. “My boys are the love of my life, and my priority,” says Lacy. “Growing the brand, expanding the product line, strategizing distribution, focusing on growth, and raising two amazing boys became quite the juggling act.” With the help of some dedicated and amazing employees, Lacy was not only able to grow the brand, but also be there for her boys during this tough transition in life. Despite being a single mom, Lacy was able to set forth a pace that saw the Laced Hair™ brand grow, just like her boys. 


At the end of 2015, with her company seeing great success, and her family unit and routine solid, tragedy struck. “It felt like the whole left side of my face was paralyzed. My speech was slurred, I had crippling headaches, and lost an unhealthy amount of weight,” said Lacy. After countless hours of testing, MRI’s, and opinions (followed by second and third opinions), it was discovered that Lacy had a brain tumor and further diagnosis has led doctors to believe Lacy suffers from a form of Multiple Sclerosis. This life altering disease was a game changer. Frequent treatments, shots, medication, and all the associated side effects have caused Lacy to shift priorities once again. With careful planning and focusing on her boys, she has found a new motivation for success. “While my energy levels are less, I stay focused on the kids, as well as the health of my company,” said Lacy. “I’m focused on the success of my company so that it can provide for my family, no matter my health.” That's how Lacy is continuing to lead her American Dream. Even in the face of difficult and trying times, Lacy keeps fighting so that her boys see the mother that they love as a success by anyone's terms. 


With an understanding of her new health limitations, Lacy remains undaunted in her laser focus on providing the highest quality extensions, the largest product selection, and having consistent availability. “I love what I do, and given the perspective of what I’ve gone through I like to remind my clients life is short, your hair doesn’t have to be.”