Summer Vacation Packing Essentials


Summer is my favorite season of the year.  Mostly because of the sunny adventures I get to go on.  This summer, I will practically be living out of a suitcase so packing the right items is important.  Here are 5 things that have made it on my summer vacation essentials packing list!

#1 An Inexpensive Pair of Sunglasses



Marilyn Rounded Wayfarer Sunglasses |  Sunglasses

Summer vacations usually involve lots of time spent outside soaking up the sunshine so sunglasses are a definite must! No matter what I do, I seem to lose or break my designer sunglasses while I am traveling.  I've learned my lesson time and time again and this year an inexpensive pair of sunglasses is number one on my list.  

#2  An Unexpected Sun Hat


Connie Sun Hat

Hats are completely overrated and often overlooked when packing.  First of all, they protect your face while at the beach or walking around in the sun.  Second of all, they are ever so chic! Sun hats have been known to save bad hair days and complete the perfect summer outfits.  I suggest wearing your sun hat on the plane.  Not only will you look adorable and ready to party once you arrive to your destination, but you will save room in your suitcase too.

#3 Lightweight Kimono


Kennedy Floral Kimono

Kimonos are my new secret travel weapon.  They take up zero space in your suitcase but pack a big punch.  They are the best swimsuit cover ups.  They look amazing over a t-shirt dress or layered on top of shorts or skinny jeans.  Trust me on this one.  You will not regret packing one!

#4 Neutral Graphic T-Shirt


Coconut Everything Graphic Tunic Top

Graphic T's are an essential no matter when or where I am traveling.  For the summer, I would love get my hands on a fun summer themed graphic T.  This graphic T is the perfect example of something I will be taking on my travels.  It is white so it will go with anything else I choose to pack.  I am in love with the round collar, longer length, and "just right" sleeves.  Best of all, I am a total coconut lover!

#5  Strappy Gladiator Sandals


Indio-11 Strappy Gladiator Sandal

It's no surprise that sandals have made it on my must have summer vacation essentials list but these sandals in particular are PERFECT.  Not only do they come in so many colors but the style is so versatile and comfortable.  They will look great with a swimsuit, shorts,pants, or a dress. 


While I have a few more items to add to my perfectly packed suitcase these items will all be well used!  What are your summer vacation essentials? Let me know in the comments!