Summer Forecast: Sandals


It is a true sign of warmer weather when you can't remember the last time you wanted to slip your feet into a thick pair of socks and closed toed shoes.  Sandals are THE official shoe of the summer and they keep getting better and better year after year.  This year is no exception.  Get ready to see lots colors and fun styles that will keep you looking fab all summer long.  Here are just a few of this year's summer trends that will help you keep your shoe game on point this sunny season. 

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Lace Up Sandals


Lace up shoes were a big hit this past fall season and the trend has now made it's way into a summer version.  Lace up sandals give interest to the ankle and pair perfectly with shorts, skirts, and ankle jeans.  When it comes to sandals, it's all in the details.  Fringed strap ends, patterned sandal designs, and bright colors are what makes these lacey sandals special.  

Metallics & Neutrals


Metallics and neutrals work in the same way but do entirely different things.  Neutral sandals that come in a shade close to your natural skin color (or slightly darker or lighter) give the appearance of an elongated leg.  Wearing neutral sandals can give you lovely long legs without the price of wearing a sandal with a heal.  Neutral colors also go with anything you decide to wear and can be mixed with metals, brights, and patterns.  


Metallics work just like neutrals because they can also be worn with anything.  My most worn pair of sandals are a rose gold metallic because they seem to spice up anything I wear and I can pair them with any purse, belt, or outfit.  A pair of metallic gold or silver sandals are an absolute summer essential and owning a pair will make shoe packing for summer vacations simple and easy. 

Gladiator Sandals



The gladiator sandal trend has been around for a while but with the revival of summer music festivals, gladiator sandals are making an even stronger comeback this year.  Pairing simple pieces with knockout gladiator sandals can pull your whole summer look together.  Adding a little wild card into your summer sandal wardrobe is a must this season!

Flatbed Sandals


These sandals really are as comfortable as they look.  Running errands?  Racing to the pool?Walking home from yoga?  Throw a pair of these on instead of your nasty old rubber flip flops. Your feet will thank you and you will look more chic without putting in any extra effort.  Flatbed sandals pair nicely with joggers, sporty shorts, and skinny jeans.

Fancy Flip Flops



Owning a pair of fancy flip flops is a must in the summer time.  Cheap rubber flip flops have a reputation of breaking and wearing out quickly.  Swapping out your traditional flip flops for a more dressed up version will give you a lot more versatility.  A pair like these flip flops can be worn to the beach with a swim suit or pair beautifully with a sweet little sundress on an evening out.  


I can't wait to get my hands on a few of these sandals! Which sandal trend do you enjoy wearing?  What sandals are you the most excited about?  Let us know in the comments!