Summer of Slow- Week 1

 I was in a meeting in early May, when my executive business coach asked me, “If you could have anything in the next 3 months, what would it be?” A thought crossed my mind and it was so unlike “me” that I was going to deny it or say another answer. He then proceeded to say, “not what you think you SHOULD do or NEED to do, but what do you WANT?” So in an effort to be honest with my feelings, I blurted out, “A break. I want a summer of SLOW.”

“What would that look like,” he asked?” “Be Specific.”

“I would take time away from the office. Time to be with my children. Be ‘mom’ and do ‘summer things.’ I would travel. Travel with my husband, travel with my kids, and even, perhaps, travel on my own. I would take time to write, to think, and just to be. I would SLOW down. I would ENJOY the life I’ve created.”

 “And why can’t you do that?”

“Because I’m building a business. I’m building a life. Because in order to get what you want, you have to sacrifice.”

The irony in my words is steep, I know. It took me the better part of May and June to be BOLD enough to take action to do what I WANT and not what I SHOULD.

 So, today begins my summer of SLOW. The steps and action I am taking may not be big for anyone else, but they are for me. There is a lesson in that- happiness, success, bold & full, and even SLOW, are self defined. Only you know what you want and need and only you can define what progress looks like. For me, this is what that means:

Every Friday, from now through August, I am taking “off.” Off from the office. Off from my email, from Slack, from meetings. In an effort to turn ON and BE present in my life. 

I’m committed to 3 things in this Summer of Slow:

1-Connect with my children.

2-Connect with my husband.

3-Connect with myself.


I’ve set goals that I am holding myself to and I am putting out there in hopes that you will keep me accountable too.



  • Travel 3x.
    1. Once with John. (✔ We went to Mexico.)
    2. Once with the kids
    3. Once by myself.
  • Take Fridays Off.
    1. No Office.
    2. A weekly adventure with the kids
    3. No meetings.
  • Practice Self-Care
    1. Write.
    2. Walk alone.
    3. Solo activities.


Why am I doing this?

Because in my year of Allow, it is what I believe I need. I need for my soul. I need for my children. I need for my health. Also, it is what I want. And I hold a belief that if we work from what we want, truly want, all will benefit.

And inspired by my friend Crystal Paine, of the @MoneySavingMom, I’m going to document my experience. What I do, what I learned and how it changed me.

Ultimately, what is life if not to be enjoyed? What is a vision of a bold and full life if you are only focusing on one piece? What is summer with out some adventure and fun?

This is an experiment, one in which I am so excited to participate and share.