Summer of Slow Update- Lessons Learned- The Lesson of "And"

We’ve made it to August. There have been 10 Fridays thus far this summer. I have officially taken 4 “off.” And the word “off” has taken on a new meaning for me, what I thought was going to mean, “self-care, no work, mom” just means, “different work.” And instead of chastising myself for this, I’m actually really thankful for this space to do different “work.” The “mom work” of swimming pools and outings. The “writers work” of putting thoughts on paper. The “personal work” of exercise, alone time and journaling. The “CEO work” of employee alignment and strategy. Taking these days “off” has allowed me space to pursue each of these endeavors.

The biggest disappointment I have had thus far with this summer of slow has been that we could not find the time to go on our family road trip. Each summer we make it a goal to take our kids to a national park or to see a new portion of the country. We had plans of driving through my home state of Idaho to Coeur D’ Alene to ride the Hiawatha Trail and connect with the pines. Unfortunately, our business schedule was such that there wasn’t a single week all summer where we could take the time “off.” There’s that word again… So, we had to compromise.


One week ago, we realized we had to be in Las Vegas followed by LA for two separate trade shows just days apart. We decided instead of going in and out in a day or two and leaving the kids at home, we would pile into the car and turn our business trip into a family road trip.

And here I sit, writing, at Newport Beach as I see my babies play in the sand and surf in front of me. A couple days of trade shows has turned into a week of seeing the Hoover Dam, the Pacific Ocean and the Slot Canyons Southern Utah. A disappointment of not having the time “off” has turned into this beautiful hybrid of time and space. Work and play. Off and on. Mom and CEO.

This is probably my biggest lesson of the Summer of Slow. Time is what we say it is. Time is what we make it. If we say we don’t “have the time,” then we don’t. If we view it slightly differently, if we create what we want from what we have, then there is abundance. Time and space enough for all- on and off, work and play, road trips and business trips. Essentially, my life, bold and full.