Summer Bodies Are Made In The Spring

At the beginning of this new year I made it a goal to become a better me (a healthier me).  This can mean many different things for many different people, but for me, this meant pushing my body physically and adding more whole foods into my diet.  I am happy to say that this new years goal is something that I have been able to maintain since January and I have grown to love going to the gym.  I have focused on doing a combination of weight lifting, cardio, and yoga each week.  I can see a difference in how I feel and my abilities.  I can fun faster for longer, lift heavier, and hold more advanced poses in my yoga class.  Strong is the new skinny and that motto has gotten me through these first few months of my journey to become a better me. 


Workout clothes have quickly become my wardrobe essential and I have learned that not all workout clothes are created equal.  Nothing says motivation than working out and feeling hot while doing it.  Here are a few of my picks that look great, feel great, and won't break your piggy bank (have you seen how ridiculously expensive workout wear has gotten)!  

Fit & Floral

Workout_1.jpgTop  |  Bottoms  |  Jacket 

I love when my workout wear is lightweight as well as moisture wicking and all of these items fit that bill.  One of my new mantras is "anything goes in workout clothes".  Okay, not exactly EVERYTHING.  You won't be seeing me working out in just a bra and booty shorts (and if that is your thing, then you go girl!) but you will see me in a lot of crazy color and pattern.  This top was a recent addition to my workout wardrobe and I absolutely love the neckline and color.  A friend of mine started a workout company that makes high quality workout wear (think lululemon quality) for a fraction of the price.  My favorite feature is the deep pockets on the side of the thigh (just like my favorite high brand leggings).  This allows me to listen to my pump up music without my phone easily falling out or getting sweaty.  Yes, I admit, I sometimes use my bra as a phone holder when I have no other options (the outcome is not always a great one) so pockets are a must!  

Believe In Yo'self


Bra  |  Top  |  Bottoms

Workout clothes with motivating messages are something I love to wear.  These items all scream, "You got this!" and that is a message well taken when I am knee deep in a workout.  Seeing positive messages subconsciously makes me push myself harder.  Old fashioned sports bras have gotten a major makeover recently.  Everywhere I turn I see colorful bras or bras with unique straps.  I invested in a few pairs similar to this one and I love when they peep out from behind my workout tanks.  Confidence definitely comes from within but I will admit that a teeny ounce of confidence can also come from wearing a cool little bra underneath it all. 

You Go Girl


Bra  |  Top  | Bottoms 

I feel empowered when I see other women like me getting fit at the gym.  I know many of them are wives, mothers, have full time jobs, fulfill volunteer work, and all of the other amazing things that women do, yet they still are working hard for themselves at the gym.  I have to resist the urge to tell every woman, "You get it girl!", but this tank lets me share my message without creeping everyone out.  I tend to like wearing tight leggings when I work out because they keep my muscles warmed up and relaxed.  You will be begging for leg day when you have something colorful and hype like these leggings to wear (okay that might have been a slight exaggeration but you will enjoy these!).