Style Steals: Teacher Appreciation Bracelets

"Bitter are the roots of study, but how sweet their fruit."

- Cato

We're celebrating teacher appreciation! Teachers boldly impress their wisdom upon young minds every day; and empower their students with the knowledge to live life fully--which is what Cents of Style is all about!


"I think I learn just as much from [my students] as they do from me," Alicia B., a pre-kindergarten class teacher from the state of Missouri. "[Being a teacher to young kids] has taught me to think like a child again, and see the world from new eyes."

The impact teachers have on our futures is paramount. They plant the seeds for growth, guiding prosperity to fruition.

"To me, being a teacher means that I have the power to change someone's life, and help them succeed," Sarah S., a special education teacher from Missouri. "My favorite thing about teaching is not about the lesson, the money, or even the cute decorations we hang on the wall. My favorite thing is the kids. What's cool about my job," Sarah continues, " is when special education kids [who struggle in an academic setting] finally memorize their ABC's, or they can count to five after practicing all year--they light up!"

Every day, all around the world, teachers are making our planet a better place to live. Express your appreciation with a small, charming fruit bracelet as a gift! Show a special teacher in your life that you care, with Cents of Style.