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Whenever fall rolls around I can't wait to celebrate by pulling our my fall plaid!  I love to bring out my plaid scarves, blankets, and accessories.  Of course, the classic plaid shirt is no exception.  I get excited finding all of the different ways I can incorporate a classic fall plaid into perfect fall outfits.  Here are a few ways I am working in the plaid this fall season. 

An Open Layer


Felicia Plaid Button Down Shirt  |  Photo Source

This is my favorite way to wear plaid for those in between days when the weather isn't hot anymore but not cold enough to call for a jacket or sweater.  This look is simple to recreate.  Throw your plaid over a basic T or tank , skinny jeans, and add long layered necklaces.  Top it all off with some fall booties.

Under A Vest


Felicia Plaid Button Down Shirt |  Photo Source

The vests in my closet often go unworn because I have a difficult time pairing them up with other items.  A plaid shirt is my new go to.  The plaid brings more interest to the outfit and keeps it looking cute even if the vest is removed. 

Under A Sweater


Felicia Plaid Button Down Shirt  |  Photo Source

This preppy look is a great way to incorporate plaid into your life.  To pull off this look you will need a somewhat slim fitted crew or v-neck sweater.  Pop the collar out of the sweater and make sure that the sleeves give a little peek from behind the sweater sleeves.  

Under A Long Cardigan


Felicia Plaid Button Down Shirt  |  Photo Source

A long duster sweater isn't only made to layer over basic t-shirts.  It looks great over plaid button downs too!  Wear with skinny jeans, boots, and fun jewelry. 

Around The Waist


Felicia Plaid Button Down Shirt  |  Photo Source

The 90's are back and this trend is here to stay.  Layer your plaid button down as a tie around the waist.  This looks adorable over t-shirt dresses as well.  Don't be afraid to mix patterns such as simple stripes with your plaid. 

Under A Skirt


Allison Plaid Camper Shirt |  Photo Source

I love this simple way to bring class and poise to the plaid button down.  Simply tuck your plaid into a sweet skirt and BAM! Instant class!  I love to use camper shirts for this purpose because the buttons only exist on the top half of the shirt leaving the bottom half sleek and thin for tucking into skirts.