Style Steals: Life Actually

I'm the kind of gal that tends to gravitate toward layering several more delicate pieces of jewelry rather than wearing one large, chunky piece. Don't get me wrong, I love a good statement necklace, especially for special occasions. But for the every day, I like something a little more simple, but that will still make a statement. The Life Actually collection from Rachel Hollis includes the perfect layering pieces, specifically her Fruits of the Spirit bracelets

And today (December 21, 2015), we've got a special Style Steals offer! Get these bracelets for just $10.95 + free shipping and take 20% off the entire Life Actually collection when you use code LIFEACTUALLY20. Once you steal this style, here's how to make the look work for you too!

Steal the Style Deal


1. Mix and match. You aren't limited to wearing just one style of bracelet. For example, they don't have to all be bangles. The Fruits of the Spirit bracelets (pictured above) from the Life Actually collection, pair incredibly well with our popular tribe bracelets. They also stack beautifully with a watch or a thick cuff. The options really are endless.

2. Don't be afraid to mix your metals. My dear sweet mother is incredible at matching. She can match the most difficult color shades to a tee without batting an eye. I, much to her dismay, am the worst. I never match. Fortunately for me, the rules have become more lax. But mixing your metals isn't just for those of us who struggle with the perfectly coordinated look. It also helps bring a more laidback vibe and visual interest. If you're still unsure, test the waters by pairing close metal cousins -- gold and rose gold. Or find a piece that already incorporates several different metals to help you feel you are tying all your different metals together. 


3. Add pops of color. Along with mixing your metals, don't be afraid to incorporate pieces with color. Add sparkle with a druzy stone cuff or go bold with a bright bangle. Jewelry with tassels, charms, and jewels can help add flashes of color and breakup an otherwise all-metal stack.

4. Make it personal. I think what I love most about the Fruits of the Spirit and the tribe bracelets, is the personal messages and reminders they share. Pieces that tell a story and that are personally signficant are always more interesting. I've found wearing pieces that commemorate anniversaries and birthdays, that declare personal mantras, and that speak my truth, help me feel connected to those I love and to myself.