Style Steals: Fear of Fringe

Fringe is one of the hottest trends in fall fashion right now, but it can be a tricky one. Here's how you can realistically and affordably incorporate this eye-catching style without looking like you're headed to a music festival.

She is out of the woods and shakin' it. Our girl tSwift has been rocking the fringe look all over her 1989 tour. And she's looked pretty great doing it. 

But most of us probably don't have a lot of use for sparkly fringe crop tops. And I'd personally rather not look like I'm headed to Coachella when I'm really just headed to Target. So I get it. I really do. That fear of walking out the door and realizing you look like you just survived the Wild, Wild West is very real. But there are easy solutions that makes this trend so wearable and so fun! (Really, though, have any of you twirled around in a fringe skirt?!) Incorporating fringe accessories is a great way to test the waters. and as a fringe benefit, today we're sharing a few of our favorite fringe items At stealing good prices. 

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When trying a new trend, I usually hesitate to go head to toe in and spend my full month's paycheck. So here are various fringe levels and lenghts to help you test the waters or dive right in. And with today's sale prices, Your bank account won't mind either.  

A Little Bit Of Fringe

Pendant necklaces and small earrings are a safe option for adding just a small accent of fringe. We especially love tassels, which add movement and texture to a piece in a limited amount. Shorter length fringe--like that found on our NIKITA-S FRINGE ANKLE BOOTs--is also good for helping you get a feel for this trend with less of a commitment. 

Drew Double Sided Pendant Necklace -- Today's Steal at $9.99

Nikita-S Fringe Ankle Boot

Sofie Seed Beaded Tassel Necklace

A Lot More Fringe:

Feeling a little more daring? Large fringe scarves make a bold statement. or kick up your feet with a little bit of flirty fringe on your shoes and boots! Try not to dance down the sidewalk while wearing these.

Hillary Oblong Wide Knit Scarf

Dorado-18 Fringe Ankle Boot -- Today's Steal at $34.95 

Selma Faux Leather Fringe Necklace

So maybe it's time we take a cue from Taylor, just shake off that fear of fringe, and steal the style today