Style Steals: Blanket Scarf

When it's cold and snowy and dreary outside, is there anything better than curling up with a cozy blanket? While the answer to that is obviously "No," it's still probably pretty safe to say most of us would like to avoid the Snuggie look, right? (At least when we're out in public.) Here to save the day is the blanket scarf. Now, especially for those of us maybe a little more vertically challenged than others, a blanket scarf sounds like a lot of material to work with, which can be intimidating. But it doesn't have to be! This cold weather favorite is versatile, giving you plenty of options for helping you stay warm and look great all season long. And we're going to show you a few easy ways to wear this affordable fall and winter accessory.

1. Traditional

Wrap the scarf several times around your neck then simply knot it. With the bulk around your neck, you can easily zip up your jacket entirely, making this look especially great for adding warmth on those bitterly cold days.


2. Wrap

For an easy, effortless vibe (that is actually truly effortless), wear your favorite blanket scarf by wrapping it around your shoulders. A perfect solution for a cold office or an evening around a campfire, wearing your blanket scarf as a shawl makes keeping warm while looking good as easy as grab and go. Take it one step further by loosely belting your scarf at the waist, almost like a wrap dress.


3. Blanket/Throw

It does have the word "blanket" in the name, afterall. But really, take it camping, use it for picnics, wrap up by the fire with it. It's a great fashion accessory that has practical uses as well. 

No reason not to let yourself get wrapped up in the comfort and ease of wearing a blanket scarf. We have even more tips for how to wear a blanket scarf, to ensure you look and feel your best no matter the cold weather outside.