Sorry, It's Too Peopley Out There

There are some days that I want nothing more than to interact with some real adult humans. After talking to toddlers all day, I want a real conversation. And then some days I just don't want to go out into the world and face the people. Am I alone in this? Have you ever had days like that? On days like that, I have decided to just embrace the introvert side of me. 


On my introvert days, there's no better shirt to pull on to declare that to the world than our Sorry, It's Too "Peopley" Out There graphic raglan t-shirt


This ridiculously comfortable shirt is so easy to dress up, if you feel like braving the world, or dress down, if you just want to stay in and alone. Any way you wear it, you'll love it!

_MG_3430 copy.jpg 

So come with me (and by that, I mean stay in) and embrace your introvert side, pull on this raglan tee and keep away from all those humans out there. Plus, you can snag this shirt for a killer deal today! Don't miss out!

Happy shopping!