Slowing Down to Speed Up

Like an arrow, or a spring, or (my favorite comparison) a slingshot, in order to go great distances you have to pull back.

In my business and my life, I work in seasons. Not just fall, winter. Not Autumn or Summer Solstice. I work and live in fast and slow. The hustle and the respite. The crazy and the semi-calm. I believe in the power of working as hard as you possibly can and then putting in just a little more than you thought you could. Because that’s where growth comes from. That’s what ideas and innovations are strained through. I love to HUSTLE.


But. My family, my health, and yes, even my physical well-being need a break every so often. That’s my prescription for self-care. To love yourself and your loved ones enough to take a breath of them. I’ve looked around and seen that my kids are growing older, my hair has a few more grays each time I visit my stylist and the years just keep clicking by. So I’m taking a week or so away from the grind and I’m stepping on to a Disney cruise to breathe some worryless days into my life. In fact, this is the first time in history I haven’t brought my laptop on a vacation. Instead I plan on reading novels and perhaps not even speaking a word for an entire afternoon. I’ve promised Ryder, I would dig a big hole in the sand and Chase and I plan to draw together. My daughter, Bella, and I are planning to look for mermaids and ocean fairies.

Do you feel the same? Do you work in seasons of hustle and seasons of flow? I encourage each of you to step away from the screen/ todo list/ carpool line every so often. Pull yourself back like an archer pulls an arrow into his bow. Find a great book, spark up a conversation with a stranger, find a quiet spot to meditate on your own and just let go. LIVE. And enjoy it. Release the tension, by pulling back. As strange as it may sound, that’s how I’ve found you can move so much further in your life & your work. Take a few steps back, and prepare to be propelled by that built up release into a bright, abundant future.