Show Your Love For Your Home State

Independence Day and celebrating the good ol' U.S.A. is still fresh in our minds. But how about showing some love for your home state? It helped make you the person you are, it's where the people you love are from, and it will always have a special place in your heart. So let's talk about some ways you can show that love. Snag these items to decorate your home or yourself and keep your home state close by.

State Wood Key Hook

You are always losing your keys. Every. Single. Day. So why not find a way to keep track of those pesty keys while also making a major statement in your home. This beautiful wood key hook will be the perfect piece to show your love for your home state.


Hometown State Onesie

Get your little one started early on your love for the best state in the Union with this adorable printed State Onesie. Your mini me will look adorable and your heart will just burst with pride when you see her toddling around rocking this onesie.


State Bar Necklaces

 One of our newest, exclusively designed necklaces, the State Bar Necklaces are a favorite here at Cents of Style. These necklaces feature two bars, one with the state name and one with the longitude and latitude of the state capitol. These necklaces are the perfect way to keep your home state and capitol close to your heart. 051016-Web-Cents-Of-Style-State-Bar-Necklaces-Gold-Iowa-California-Hawaii-Virginia-Massachusettes-25.jpg

State Outline Necklaces

Let's go back to our very first exclusively-designed necklace. These state outline necklaces will always be a favorite here at Cents of Style. I love the simple design and the perfect little heart charm. Wear this necklace to show the world where YOUR heart truly lies.


Celebrate your country and your home state this month with any of these items. Make a statement and look chic!

Happy Shopping!