Seven Ways to Wear A Midi Knit Skirt

Lately I've been trying to make very conscience decisions when it comes to my shopping. (Trying being the key word there.) I've also been focusing on purchasing items I really need to create a well-rounded wardrobe as well as items I will truly love season to season. But sometimes we buy items that we think we're going to love or need, but after just one wear or two they find their way to the Land of Forgotten Clothes, aka the dark abyss that is the back of the closet. (Please tell me this place exists in your closet too.) So I started asking myself-- What makes a piece of clothing really great? What do all of my favorite items have in common? What makes me reach for the same pieces over and over?

Now this might be different for everyone, but for me I'm realizing the key characteristics of those pieces I love the most are: 1. They make me feel and look great, and 2. They're versatile. Seems simple enough, right? Well, I think we can all agree that it's not, otherwise the Land of Forgotten Clothes would not exist. So that's why I'm sharing with you one of my favorite pieces that has BOTH of those essential qualities. I'm pretty sure you're going to love it too. 

Meet the colorful and comfortable Midi Knit Skirt, part of our Let's Be Adventurers collection by & Apparel. There's just so much to love about this skirt. It's available in 10 (TEN!!) different colors, all of which make it the perfect go-to item for your spring and summer looks. That fitted waistband can be folded over to adjust the length and the knit fabric is all sorts of comfortable without compromising style (win!). Need another reason? How about that price point? And today, steal the style with an extra $5 off, making this favorite summer skirt only $14.95 + free shipping! Yep. You're welcome.

Steal the Style Deal


So now that we've covered how it makes you look and feel great, where does that versatility come into play? Below are seven ways to wear a knit skirt and items to pair it with, but this skirt can take you from the office to the beach, from the backyard neighborhood barbeque to running errands with your littles, from brunch with your girlfriends to drinks at happy hour. I could keep going, but I think you get the picture.

1. With a graphic t-shirt


Hellooooo summer uniform. I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, but summer is usually way too hot for my favorite denim. So give them a rest and pair your new cute knit skirt with a "FUN" graphic t-shirt.

2. With a button down shirt



Add a few of this season's trendiest accessories, like a fedora hat and lace up ballet flats, and get ready to feel and look like a million bucks. (Without actually having to pay that much of course.)

3. Go monochromatic



I think monochrome outfits done well are incredibly chic and sophisticiated. I also think I shy away from the monochrome look because I worry it being boring or unimaginative on me. Yes, it's a weird concern. But how fun is the patterened button down shirt 

4. With a graphic t-shirt layered over a button down


I see your graphic t-shirt and I raise you a layered button down. If you're looking to up your graphic t-shirt game, try layering it with a cute button down shirt. I love this polka dot shirt option, as it adds just a little bit of interest without being too busy or distracting. 

5. With a chambray shirt



You know I love a chambray shirt. This is a tried and true combo you can turn to again and again.

6. With a belt


Add a pop of color with a decorative belt while adding a little more definition to your great hourglass shape.

7. With a sweater layered over a button down


Spend your days in a chilly office? Or heading to the movie theater where you know you'll be a little cold? Or like me, just get cold randomly throughout the day? Layer a cute embroidered graphic sweater on over your button down! This is also great for a wear it now, wear it later sort of thing when the weather gets cooler again. Some bright tights would look great with this skirt, adding just one more way to wear this knit midi skirt to the list.