Set Your Intention and Join Our Tribe

I created these jewelry items after I witnessed, personally, many times, the power that our graphic tee shirts had on women around me. Simple words, witty phrases, and Cents of Style's signature sass were loved and worn over and over again. There's a sense of connection there, when a word or phrase is noticed at the right time, in the right place, in the right mindset. And women always need to be told more that they can make their world whatever they want it to be. 

Courtney Stacked Tribe Bracelets.jpg

The TRIBE bracelet sayings we created were so well received, that we looked for more ways to encourage women through what they wear. So we made necklaces. These inspirational phrases are perfect for layering close to your heart. And I believe that setting that purposeful intention every day helps you see clearly what's important to you. 

Warrior Tribe Necklace - Courtney.jpg

What motivation do you need right now? What opportunity is before you that you need a little extra reminder that you can look, feel and DO good, right this moment? That's what my TRIBE bracelets and necklaces do for me and so many others. They are my talismans against what every day life throws at me in the days, weeks and months of my year. As 2016 comes to a close, I ask you, what do you want 2017 to hold for you? What expression or sign do you want to show to the world?  Please join our TRIBE in wearing your intention and mindset every day and just see what effect it has on your world.