Save Your Feet This Summer

I love everything about summertime. The heat, the sun, the pool time, the food… and especially the shoes. 



The ONLY downside- summer and new sandals can sometimes result in feet issues! And, because I love you, I’m sharing my favorite hacks to help save your feet this summer.

1. Avoid The Stink. In the summer heat, our feet can sometimes get a little... well... sweaty. And hot sweaty feet can lead to a problem. It's called FEET STANK. Here are two tricks to help you shoes (and feet) stay fresh this summer:

  1. Before you slip your shoes on, spray a little dry shampoo inside them! Yes, dry shampoo just got even more magical. This will help your feet from getting too sweaty. (Want your dry shampoo to work even harder for you? Here are some other things it can do.)  
  2. For extra protection- before putting your shoes on- use a little spray on deodorant! This will help your feet stay a little dryer.

2. No more blisters. Did you know clear stick deodorant can help ease friction from shoes that you haven’t broken in yet? Put it on the back of your heals, on the top of your foot, or the outside of your toes… all the sensitive spots your shoes are going to rub against and create foot-angst.

3. Tight Straps No More. Even when strappy shoes fit your feet, sometimes one or two straps cut a little. We have a fix for you! Put water in a plastic bag, close it up, put it in your shoes and then into the freezer. The water will expand when it freezes and will help loosen up the straps a little. (Way cheaper than paying a professional to stretch the shoes!

4. Keep ‘Em Clean. Summertime means adventures, and adventures are usually MESSY. Here are some methods to clean up your shoes when you've done a little too much pedestrian off-roading. 

  1. If you just have little spots, use white vinegar and a tooth brush. A little goes a long way, so go easy on it at first!
  2. If you have a shoe with a rubber sole, you can use a little nail polish remover to keep them looking new. 
5. No More Slipping. I’m not sure why, but many summer shoes have NO traction. Here’s how to give your summer shoes a little grip. 
  1. Rub the soles of your new shoes with a little sandpaper and you’ll avoid any embarrassing poolside slip-ups.
  2. Cut an “X” into the sole with scissors…. Just a little score and you can walk confidently. 

6. Camouflage Crazy Sandal Tan Lines. While I know you will ALWAYS remember to put sunscreen on your feet (read the sarcasm ladies!), even with sunscreen it’s inevitable that you’ll get some weird tan lines on your feet. But no one has to know… here’s how to fix weird strappy tan lines! 

  1. Find a great sunless tanning lotion. (Here is a good list Marie Claire just put together!)
  2. Shower and scrub the top of your feet (where the weird tan lines are) with a loofah
  3. Wait about 30 minutes to make sure your skin is dry. 
  4. Get a eye shadow applicator or brush and apply the sunless tanning lotion to the non-tanned spots. You may need to let it dry and do another layer (or  maybe lots of layers, depending on how big of a color discrepancy you have!). 
  5. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can add a temporary liquid bronzer with your body moisturizer and smooth over the area to help further blend tan lines away. 

Now... who's ready to get some new shoes?!Check out our cute summer sandals