Salty Bison's American Dream

"Chasing dreams is worth every sleepless night. And the paint covered clothes. And a sawdust covered home." -- Devenie Boyer, owner of Salty Bison

I recently moved and am now currently in the process of decorating a new home. My latest venture has been scouring the market high and low for wall art and decor that doesn't break the bank. (I'm sure many of you can relate to this struggle.) This is why I love Salty Bison so. very. much. A family-owned business, Salty Bison creates beautiful handmade signs that are inspiring, cheeky, and completely affordable. Um, yes and thank you. Did I mention they also make terrific gifts?



(Image source via Instagram @SaltyBison)

Salty Bison creates signs ranging from simple single words to intricately hand lettered quotes with water colored designs, and Devenie Boyer and her husband, Stephen, have built the company together. This passion to create and help others fill their homes with positive messages, is why we asked Devenie to share her American Dreamer story:

"Our story is full of ups and downs. And chasing kids and dreams. And finding what makes us happy and making it work.


My husband, Stephen, was a Police Officer and volunteer Fire Fighter for 12 years. In 2015, he quit his job to pursue our family business, Salty Bison, full-time. He builds each sign from scratch, down to ripping each frame piece to our signature size. He takes great pride in making each one really well. I am Devenie, the other half, and I do all of the designing and hand painting. We love this life that we have chosen. Our business has become part of our family. It has been wonderful to watch our family grow right alongside with it.

We also homeschool all six of our children. Having Stephen home and the flexibility of pursuing our dream has allowed us to travel and teach our kids valuable lessons. With all of the hard work and endless hours (9-5? ha!) we have had great success and happiness. Chasing dreams is worth every sleepless night. And the paint covered clothes. And a sawdust covered home. I have a quote on my desk that reads, 'Don't be afraid to give up the good and go for the great.' This is the legacy that we want to pass onto our children."