Saatva Mattresses and crazy moms: Gotta have one

Did everyone have a spendid Mothers day weekend? I hope so! It has been so fun to read everyone's little tributes on FB and Instagram. I especially enjoyed attempting to sum up my mom in 5 short sentences and looking for fun pictures to go with it. So many many jokes to choose from. I guess you could say Ive had moms on the brain lately...
In case anyone was wondering, my mother is the Princess and the Pea. You know, that fairytale diva who cant sleep on her pile of expensive fluffy mattresses because, #vegetables??
I love this picture of her on my wedding day. Shes the Audrey style girl next to me...with my face:
From the time I was little my mother was obsessed with sleep and all components involved in it. Finding the PERFECT set of sheets, high thread count, impeccably soft, and always, always blue. Pillows preferably down, with a zippered cover, and safely swaddled in a pillowcase that has been lightly scented with fabric softener and air dried in the midday sun. Down comforters, duvets, blankets - she has bed making down to scientific method. Watching her make her bed is basically like watching a skilled surgeon perform a heart transplant. The removal of the old, the donning of the new. Don't even get me started on the pajamas. Or the pink fleece bathrobe...
Shes basically insane. When she isn't obsessively scouring 1000 thread count sheets at Tuesday Morning or Marshalls, she can often be found up to no good : like the day she made her mother (my sweet grandma Nacele) go 50 rounds on the teeter go round in her backyard...
You would think that pretty much being the genetic twin of this woman, that it would make me also prone to this ridiculousness. But Im basically normal. Unless you take into account a serious addiction to TAB and the fact that I married a man that once looked like this at a party:
Sorry, I got off on quite a tangent there. Back to mattresses...
Sheets to me are simply freezing cold spider traps. To extend ones legs bravely into the abyss that lies towards the foot of the bed is a skill I have never acquired. I prefer an electric blanket, cranked up on the highest level, piled on top of a nice fitted sheet. Like joey from friends who doesn't believe in sharing food...I will stab you if you attempt to steal my blanket. I get one. You get one. That is how it works in my house.
So a few weeks ago my mom called me and pretty much bore deep spiritual witness to the greatness of her latest find: a Saatva Mattress. For the better part of an hour I listened to statements like eco friendly, organic cotton, luxury, hotel, warranty, odorless, amazing customer service, yada yada yada.
Because Im basically the most supportive daughter ever, I pretended to be really excited and happy for my crazy bed obsessed Mom. But deep down inside my wicked soul I was pretty much ignoring her rave reviews. Yes, I needed a new amazing hotel quality luxury mattress. But no I did not have a spare $3000 laying around.
Little did I know...
A few short weeks later I would be sleeping on this same amazing mattress. And in Christy math it costs less than 2 plane tickets to Paris. Less than 50 pairs of $200 jeans. Its actually AFFORDABLE.
You guys, have any of you ever purchased a new from the factory mattress? Have you ever anticipated its arrival for weeks, then ripped open the 6 coats of industrial strength saran wrap around it - only to pretty much PASS OUT from the sickness of the smell???????
Well,I have. It wasn't pretty. It involved smelling salts. And therapy. These mattresses from Saatva DO NOT SMELL. Not even a little bit. This filled me with joy!
Its soft, but not too soft. Its firm, but not too firm. My husband likes to sleep on a wooden board and I prefer a care bear cloud of softness. And yet somehow we both agreed this was THE NICEST mattress we had ever slept on!!!! And this includes the genuine made out of astronauts space foam mattress we had recently tried! They do have different levels of comfort available, but we went with the most popular model: The Luxury Firm.
There was one last component of mattress shopping that became more and more important to me as I shopped around, and that is the made in the USA factor, and using green materials. Saatva nails it. Check out their green initiative here.
After researching the company and comparing prices I can honestly tell you that this is not just a good product for a good buy. Its a REALLY good company. Check out the website and be impressed for yourself. If you're in the market for a new mattress I can HIGHLY recommend Saatva. They have been brilliant to work with and speak to. My mom and I both give them two crazy bed obsessed thumbs up!
Speaking of moms, mothering, insanity, and sleep..... I basically havent slept in 7 years. Why did I wait so long to make the 3 hours of sleep I do get count?! I love this mattress. If I were being totally honest, Id admit that between the hours of midnight and 6 am I love it more than any of my children. In fact if someone told me at 2 am that I had to make sophies choice and give up either my mattress or my family - I would throw my kids at them as quickly as I could just to make them stop talking.
Only joking. Love those Beal kids.
And speaking of Beal kids, they have become increasing demanding. What with all their feeding, changing, driving to and fro, and incessant emotional needs all day errday and all. As much fun as this amazing collaboration has been with Cents Of Style, I have made the difficult decision to retire from the blog life. There's just not enough hours in my day to look cute, act nice, and take pictures of it. Some girls can manage their time and squeeze in all these amazing adventures into their lives...and Im just tryin to squeeze my thighs into spanx. Back to reality for me. If anyone finds a time machine Id really love to go back to 2000 and just live young and free one.more.time.
Ive loved my short time blogging! Thanks for reading!