So technically Memorial day hasn't happened yet - But I'm totally busting out my white skinnies and I don't care who knows it! As soon as the sun broke through the rainy skies that have been ruining our lives for the past few weeks, I immediately celebrated with some summertime outfits! Its 66 degrees today and I can't help but feel liberated!!

I'm a modern lady - ain't nobody got time for crazy "rules" of fashion! (need a quick giggle? Sweet Brown always fills me with joy!)

nobody got time

I've worn these beloved peek a boo earrings in Rose Gold recently - but I HAD to grab them in silver, because, #shoppingproblems. I ADORE them. My daughter Brigitte thinks they are real diamonds and always wants to wear them. I indulged her for the Cinderella movie and for 2 hours she gently reached up and touched them and smiled at me! Precious daughter!

Add these blush sandals to my list of obsessions. Can I hear a hallelujah for pedicure season??!

Every time I wear this snake bangle I cant help but think of Naomi Watts and her amazing necklace at the golden globes! I love it so much - especially stacked with my pyramid cuff!

(shop both of these bracelets here!)

Happy Friday everyone! I'm heading out with friends tonight for some much needed Italian goodness, followed by a lazy morning of sleeping in and and a Saturday full of soaking up some much needed sunshine with my kiddos! Is anyone else completely ecstatic that yard sale season is upon us?! Remember the amazing voodoo doll I found for a quarter last summer?? (on my instagram:christyatthetopknot). Oh, one last thing: I drove through a neighborhood today and witnessed a house fully bedazzled with Christmas icicle lights, holiday wreath, and a waving Santa. Feeling pretty darn great about my weeds out front ;)

See you Monday!