Refresh for Less!


You can wear just about anything these days, when it comes
to clothing. From a basic tee and jeans, to that old cardigan and black pencil
skirt collecting dust in the back of your closet, to the truly vintage dress
you scored at the thrift store. So the burning question is: how do you blow off
the dust and transform the outfit of choice into a fresh, chic, and trendy
look? You’re right… Complete the ensemble with affordable accessories! The idea is to spend less on your wardrobe by
refashioning what your closet already holds.


Let’s take
that basic tee and jeans. A girl friend recently said to me, “I love your
bracelet but I have nothing to wear it with, I only own tee shirts.” WHAT?!? I
almost died of excitement! Let me show you why….


How about
that drab old cardigan hiding in your closet? Pair it with a bright or floral
tank from your Summer-wear leftovers to create a whole new outfit! Tuck the
tank blouse into your skirt, and wear the cardigan over top, unbuttoned like a


As far as that
fabulously-found vintage dress goes… a classic pump and some vintage-inspired
jewelry will bring that baby relevant in no time! Romance is back in style,
ladies! Be dainty. Be girly. Wear lace and ruffles.




So… what do you
have hiding in your closet? Dig something out, blow off the dust, and spruce it
up! Email us a picture of your look, and you could be featured in one of our
future blog or Facebook posts!



Rachelle Hurd

National Stylist Manager

Guest Blogger