Rainy Day Gems

April showers bring beauty bliss!  This month's product gems are all about getting through those rainy days and enjoying simply wonderful products.  All recommendations are budget friendly so you can save your hard earned cash for a rainy day (or a really great vacation in the Bahamas).

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1. Wet-n-Wild Picture Perfect Eyeshadow Primer: Rainy days mean extra time to play around with makeup.  This eyeshadow primer will transform the eyeshadows you already have in your kit.  This little puppy compares closely to another pricey makeup brand (Urban Decay) but it costs 1/4 of the price!  Use this underneath your eyeshadows to stop creasing and prolong the wear of your shadows.  If you are going to take the time to dramatize your eyes you better hope it lasts all day long. 

2. Open Cuff Bracelet - How amazing are these new open cuff bracelets?  The cuff trend is so in right now because it looks dainty while still making a statement.  With such a great range of colors and messages there is a cuff bracelet out there for you.  Positive reminders like these can help you to get through those "rainy days" so that you see the sunny days ahead.  

3. Jordana Made To Last Eyeshadow in Forever Sand - On rainy days, I like to brighten up my face with a little "sunshine".  This eyeshadow is easy to use and packs a lot of  punch.  I use a little bit of this on my lids and the inner corners of my eyes to wake up my eyes.  Plus, this baby will last all day long!

4.L'oreal Brow Stylist Plumper Mascara- This little gem is the reason my brow game has been on point this month.  Not only does this beauty add color and hold to my brows, it adds a little volume (in the best way) because it contains little fibers that grab onto brows making them look fuller.  Great brows are the new great lash and I feel like a new woman when they are looking groomed and put together. 

5.Colourpop Lip Pencil in Brink- This made a quick rise to my product gems this month for its' color, quality, and above all, price!  If you haven't checked this company out you definitely should.  Everything they sell comes in a large range of colors.  All of their lip pencils and lipsticks cost only $5 (five dollars people!).  Each lip pencil matches an exact shade of a lipstick.  This pencil however, is so creamy that you can use it to line and fill in your lips like a lipstick.  I love this color because it livens up the face but looks pretty and natural for rainy days.  

6. No 7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser- Running out of cleanser this month brought back to the store to find a new cleanser to experiment with.  I had heard great things about this product so I thought it would give it a try.  With so much recent hype on oil cleansers, I have been giving some of them a try but with my already oily skin, my face wasn't feeling as clean as I wanted after washing.  This gem did the trick.  It melts into skin and takes off all of your makeup but leaves a very clean feeling behind once it is rinsed off.  I love how supple my skin feels after using this cleanser.  I like using it before bed to prep my skin for my nightly treatment as well as in the morning before I apply my makeup.