Playful Ponchos

Today we are talking about a clothing item that is totally underrated and often overlooked.   Yes, my friends, we are talking about ponchos.


Chunky knit ponchos were a hit this past fall but the classic poncho has had a summer overhaul.  Thick heavy textures have been replaced with lightweight sheer fabrics.  This season, get ready to see ponchos with fringe, embroidery, and mixed textiles.  Here are some reasons why you might need a poncho in your life this summer. 

#1 They're Easy Breezy

 Summer ponchos jazz up a simple pair of jeans and a tank without adding much heat (they are so easy to throw on and off as you go from the blazing outside heat into a cool air conditioned building).


Image Source  |  Margo Poncho 

#2  They Scream Summer Here I Come!

Lightweight ponchos pair nicely with all of the best clothing that summer has to offer.  Consider wearing yours with long necklaces, funky sandals, cut off shorts, and sunglasses. 


Image Source  Kimono Scarf

#3  They Make Great Travel Buddies 

They are the best thing to wear when traveling.  The added layer looks chic when going to and fro but doubles up as a child snuggler, pillow, or airplane blanket.  


Image Source Lace Fringe Poncho

#4  They're Beach Worthy

A poncho makes for an adorable beach (or neighborhood pool) swimsuit cover up. 


Image Source Image Source

#5 They're Groovy

Wearing one will make you feel suitable to attend a chic music festival. 


Image Source Image Source

A once underlooked item has so many wonderful uses!  What is your favorite way to wear a poncho?  Let us know in the comments!