When I was pregnant with Ryder, I decided I wanted to cut my hair off into a pixie. My hair was half way down my back and it didn’t “fit” my personal style…at all. Most of the time it wound up in a ponytail, because I was never cool enough to master the top knot.

However, so many people discouraged me from doing it. They said, “NO. DO NOT make any major life decisions while pregnant,” or “You will for sure regret not having your long hair.”




So, instead of listening to internal me, I listened to the external them.




Shortly after Ryder was born, I cut my hair to my chin and within a couple more months, I chopped it all off into what is now my signature PIXIE cut. That was 2012. Looking back, 6 years after, as trivial as it seems, cutting my long hair completely off was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I found my signature style and my personal power in my PIXIE. My business has boomed and my confidence sailed. I came into my own when I let go of the inches of hair.



Maybe it is as simple as, it fits me. It suits my style and personality. More importantly, I feel good with short hair. I feel like the best version of myself. Or perhaps, it’s because I have nowhere to hide. The long hair always felt like a necessary burden, a should, instead of a want. A safe space and place I could hide behind. The PIXIE requires me to own my look and myself, flaws and all. There is a confidence I have gained in saying, “THIS IS ME.”

Regardless of why, I’ve come to regard my PIXIE as my SUPERPOWER.