Perfectly Imperfect!

Part of our mission is to help women live full and bold lives and we love to honor women who exemplify this! One such woman is Heidi Powell.

You may know her as one of the trainers on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss. But, she is so much more than a TV personality. She is a wife, mother, and helper to people around the world. Her blog offers tips on fitness, family & favorite recipes. She has several mantras that she lives by…. one of which is “Perfectly Imperfect”. A couple of years ago, Heidi worked with us at Cents of Style to add a line to our tribe bracelets and t-shirts. Every year, we refresh the t-shirt design for our “Perfectly Imperfect” shirt— and our newest design (on an incredibly soft 3/4 raglan that Heidi loves) is now available! (Click here to shop.)


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You may be asking yourself… what does it mean to be “perfectly imperfect"? Well, Heidi recently shared a video on her blog of one of her friends who has come to love this mantra as well (and who looks amazing in one of our past “Perfectly Imperfect” t-shirts!). This friend, Sarah Nicole, has gone through a major transformation.  (find her on instagram: @thebirdspapaya)
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Four years ago, this mother of 2 girls saw a picture of herself at a baby shower and was shocked. In her words: “Everything that I thought I saw in myself was shattered…. I kinda decided to make a massive change.” She started working out in her basement, making healthier eating choices, and kept learning and trying! Over time, she lost 100lbs. Even after losing weight (and having another baby!!), she still found that she struggled.

Here’s a little more of her story:

“I had this perfect life, and something wasn’t right. In my heart, and in my life, there was so much I was struggling with. I was hating my stretch marks. I was hating the loose skin. I was hating the fact that my boobs went from a size D to an A….. What is better? Would I rather not have children to get rid of the stretch marks? Would I rather not lose the weight to not have this loose skin? What was I seeking? There was no beauty in my outside if my internal dialogue was constantly one of negativity. The purpose of this journey was to embrace who I was as a broken person, as an imperfect person… in finding the beauty and the perfection in these moments. I have fallen in love with the journey… Once you kind of face all of the ugliness, it goes away… It's not that you don’t recognize it, it’s not that you don’t see it or feel it or have those moments… but it doesn’t define you anymore….. I’m not going to focus on the negative, I'm going to focus on the good and all the blessings that have come. I’m not perfect, but through this journey I’ve figured out I’m 100% perfectly imperfect."

Wow… what a story, amiright?! Sara really is so beautiful, inside and out, and her journey is so inspiring to us.  Her story reminds us to fall in love with our own journeys and realize that it’s kinda amazing to be “Perfectly Imperfect.”  

Read more about Sara’s journey here, or watch the whole video: 

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