Stepping into the light.

A fog. A heavy fog that you can feel pressing on you. Have you ever felt that there was something keeping you from being what you know in every cell of your body that you’re destined to do? That bright, piercing desire to go from where you are to where you desperately want to be… and there’s just something in the way. Something big.  Something you can’t quite see through or around. But you can nearly feel whatever is waiting for you on the other side.

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Posted On May 11, 2018

Dancing Affirmations & Why I Remind Myself to Say I Love You.

She was pulling out all of these amazing dance moves, utterly confident in front of the camera, laughing and dancing. She kept saying, “Watch this move” and “I’m such a good dancer.” And as I watched her and she spoke I thought, “Yeah, you are! Amazing. So cool and poised.” When it was my turn, it often took me multiple times to get the “take” and I awkwardly pushed myself through, trusting in the editing process.

After we finished filming the video, I expressed my thanks and complimented her on her sureness. And she said to me, “Thank you. Did you hear all of the affirmations I was giving myself to get through?”

 Talk about an aha moment.


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Posted On May 01, 2018

Personal Strengths and where to find them.

This week at Cents of Style we have been taking the Clifton StrengthFinder’s test and learning about individual and company strengths. I have witnessed an interesting phenomenon as we have actively had conversations about the personal strengths the test revealed.

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Posted On April 03, 2018

What Is The Gift?

My one little word for 2018 is ALLOW. I’m working on allowing for the year and my life as it unfolds. I’m working on letting go of the resistance, remaining and being okay with where I am right in this very moment--which happens to be in my sweats, nursing a diet coke, in front of my computer on a Saturday afternoon.
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Posted On March 17, 2018

To The Mama Who Is Hurting

I feel compelled to share this story, which few know about my family and me. The reason I am sharing it now is because there is a mama out there hurting today. A mama who is going through what I went through and feels alone. Friends of friends reached out to me hoping I would have advice for this mama, and if I have experienced this and other mamas have too, then I think it is fair to say many are and instead of staying quiet and experiencing this in isolation, let’s be brave and share our voices together.

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Posted On February 27, 2018

On Growth and Being

J ohn and I were walking in the foothills behind our home a few weeks ago. We love to take to the trails to reconnect and discuss what is on our minds. We were talking about the paradox of growth and being. How as humans we desire for growth, progress and more. However, peace and contentment are always found in being present, focusing in the here and now. How do you balance the two? Stillness and movement? Growth and being?
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Posted On February 26, 2018

90's Fashion Is Back

Is this an image of me from 1994? Nope. It was taken last week somewhere in the Caribbean in 2018. I literally laughed out loud when I saw it. I am equal parts in love with what I am wearing and terrified that I’m about ready to meet up with Kelly and Brenda at the Peach Pit before hitting the beach.
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Posted On February 07, 2018

Lessons In Disconnection

Confession. I spend most of my life “connected,” and not in the way Brené Brown talks about, but in the “plugged into the internets” sort of way. The “you can reach me on my phone, watch, and computer on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook” kind of way. The digital age is an amazing, “connected” time to be alive, but it isn’t without  its consequences.
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Posted On February 05, 2018

Slowing Down to Speed Up

Like an arrow, or a spring, or (my favorite comparison) a slingshot, in order to go great distances you have to pull back.

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Posted On January 25, 2018

36 Things About Me On My 36th Birthday

Hello. My name is Courtney. I’m a mother, wife and CEO, and although those are some of my favorite titles there are many more pieces of me. It is also my birthday, so allow me some indulgence as I share a few more  FUN  things about myself. Because if you know that I have seen every season of  The Bachelor  and that I know all the lyrics to  Hamilton , then we are basically BFFs and we can “be there” for one another from now on.
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Posted On January 19, 2018