Overcoming Fears

During one of my frequent late night online shopping binges, I stumbled upon a pair of pumpkin colored skinnies that I just knew were meant to be mine. They were on a site that offers no returns or exchanges (how in this day and age is that even POSSIBLE?!) Needless to say it didn't stop me and I purchased them immediately. Well, imagine my shock and horror as I tore open the box a few weeks later only to realize that the pants were made out of CORDUROY.
I am not joking when I tell you that I was filled with inexplicable rage. How did I miss that these adorable jeans were in fact made out of DEVIL FABRIC??? Corduroy is scratchy, corrugated, disgusting, and makes me break out in hives mentally. I have known this intrinsically since birth and have successfully avoided wearing it for 32 years straight. Well, I knew they were non-refundable so I decided that I would at least try them on. After what can only be described as a very aerobic "bend and snap" episode, I got them on. But I do have to say... I kind of love them. This is a huge moment in fashion time for me. Like Bjork's swan dress at the oscars.
This near death fashion experience turned out to be a super fun updated take on Mary Tyler Moore circa 1976. I think the pop of color looks quite modern dressed up with a fun scarf and my ever trusty metallic bangles. All my life I thought my legs would spontaneously burst into flames from the friction of walking around in corduroy...but I feel quite comfortable in my newfound pants. Dare I say, cozy even. The perfect winter pant! I challenge you to overcome a fashion fear! Try something new and you might be pleasantly surprised. Sing it with me - "I'm gonna make it after allllllll"
I also wanted to give a shout out to my amazing and talented friend Rebecca who is my miracle worker photographer! She's the Anne Sullivan to my Helen Keller, in addition to being my hair twin. If I ever look good, its because she made it so with her giant lights and fancy equipment!! She is based here in Boise Idaho and you can view her work at her website Merrakai.com