We are seriously having a bit of a love-fest with tunics this spring. That's partly why we put together this cute "How to Wear Tunics, Three Different Body Types" video:
Once you find the right tunic, you just want one in every color. Today, we want to talk about the Babydoll Tunic... which comes in both solid colors and floral prints!
(if you want to see a blog post about the other tunic-- the Hannah-- click here).
Let's be frank... there is something really special about how the Babydoll tunic makes us feel. It's easy to wear it while running errands and also really easy to dress up for a girls night out or date night!
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 Solid: Staci Tunic | Floral: Ingrid Tunic 
Here are some of our friends showing how THEY wear our favorite babydoll tunic! Seriously, everyone who works at Cents of Style loves it so much and we are thrilled that everyone else who wears it loves it as much as we do! We love that this top helps all these women feel comfortable and confident and that it works with so many body types and personal styles. 
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It is hard to feel the least bit put together or glamorous with a baby in tow. I feel like there is a constant battle with spit up, diapers, and who knows what else that gets on my clothes throughout the day. As frustrating as it can be to get all dressed up only to get spit up on 30 seconds later, I think it is really important to get dressed and ready for the day during the postpartum changes.

Getting ready for the day allows me to remember that I’m not “just a mom” but I am a woman who deserves to feel good about herself. As tempting as it is to stay in my sweats all day each day, I have chosen to get ready (almost everyday) and give myself that little reminder that I am worth my own time.

Now don’t you for one second think that I am getting all of the time in the world to get ready. We all know that isn’t possible for any mom! Things are a total circus around here! I literally feel like I am running all day just to try to get 70% of my responsibilities done that day. That is why I love the ease of this tunic. I am able to put it on and instantly feel more put together than I did before. I don’t have to worry about it hugging my extra baby weight around my stomach and I am able to pump/nurse while I am still wearing it. This tunic is the PERFECT postpartum top! I know I will continue to love wearing it long after my postpartum days as well!


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I’m all about finding pieces that work best for your body flattering it and making you feel confident. There’s a reason a-line skirts and waist belts are on constant repeat in my wardrobe. Every now and then a perfect piece comes along that just works for everyone, and guys, I can’t keep this top to myself. It’s already been worn twice this week and I’m ready to order it in every color!

I love pieces that work well with mom life. By the end of most days, I find at least one messy hand print, sidewalk chalk smudge, food particle(s), or a nose wipe somewhere on my clothes. I’ve learned that dry-clean only just isn’t a phrase that belongs on any clothing I’m wearing at this point in my life. Everything needs to be easy to wash, easy to clean, and withstand a messy and busy toddler.

I’ve tried really hard to avoid being a frumpy mom, and it’s honestly hard not to be one! You just need functional pieces that go from errands to the playground to scrubbing messes on the floor, and finding something that lets you do that and turn around and look stylish in public is such a winner!

That’s why I’m so in love with this knit babydoll tunic from Cents of Style. Right on trend, effortless, easy to clean, and comfortable.

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From: Anna @ Practical and Pretty

 I have found the most perfect tunic for nursing. My secret? It’s not a nursing tunic. The best part is anyone can use this shirt. It flatters pretty much every body type. I love Cents of Style because it’s affordable but stylish. I like simplicity because who wants an outfit you have to be “in the mood for”? Am I the only one?
 I have not found one nursing shirt I like; I’ve just been using my normal shirts. This doesn’t work so well in a public area. And for whatever reason, I cannot for the life of me figure out those nursing covers. This shirt is so perfect because it is nice and flowy. When it’s over the baby’s face it’s very breathable.

The best part is I can wear this after I’m nursing, and so can you! It’s cute on every body type. I obviously just had a baby and haven’t been the most confident. I feel so cute in this shirt though! It’s perfect for postpartum bodies.

Are you asking what’s on my left in all these pictures? My cat running into the road. Good thing that’s my good side.

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Magical Tunics

From: Mary @ Mission To Save. 

At 29 weeks pregnant and beyond, it can be hard to find clothes that make you feel pretty, are comfortable, and flatter your body. I mean, is it really possible to dress a body that has a basketball attached to its abdomen and feel like “Yes, I look very good and sooooo normal?” Well, in today’s case, the answer might actually be YES because I may have found a solid solution to this problem – this magical babydoll tunic from Cents of Style! I need this cutie in every color to wear everyday for the next year so I can feel great while I deal with pre- and post-baby image issues. It’s flowy, lightweight, and a sassy take on a basic t-shirt, making it a staple every gal needs. So, go cover up your basketball or burrito or washboard (whatever you may be packin’ under there) in comfy style. You’re gonna look great. 



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From: Riley Jo @ Riley Jo Blog

Another item I love for an errand run day is this babydoll top from Cents of Style. I was super skeptical when they sent it to me because usually babydolls make me look pregnant (very much not preggie, just so we are clear) but it was surprisingly flattering. I have worn it a ton since I got it because it helps me look a little more dressed up when I am errand running and other things.  Cents of Style also has a keyhole top that is really cute and comfy as well! As always, I only work with brands who cater to plus size ladies and these tops go up to a 3x.