One Little Word: Mindfulness

 Another year has started and it's time to set some goals for the year. New Years resolutions can be overwhelming and hard to achieve so in recent years I've simplified how I set an intention for the new year. One word. Just one. You can read about my one little word for last year here

 As I look at what this coming year will bring, I've decided on the one little word of MINDFULNESS. 

MindfulnessDefinition.pngI tend to be a high-anxiety person and I have a hard time focusing and being completely present. I always find myself thinking about all the other areas of my life that I'm not involved in in the moment, rather than being able to compartmentalize. So this year I am striving to be in the moment, to be present where I'm at. And I started practicing this today.

I woke up this morning feeling sluggish and like I was moving in slow motion. I had a thousand things I needed to get done and didn't have the motivation to get anything done. So I took a deep breath, looked at my kids, and told them we were going to have a baking day. I put away my to-do list and we made cake and donuts. I let them stir and dump in the flour and turn on the mixer. And I didn't worry about anything else. I was just there. And I was so relaxed. And I had fun with my kids. It was a great first day to put my one little word into practice. 


It's easy to be focused on your intentions on the third day, but how do you stay focused on those intentions throughout the year? One of my favorite ways is with our Cents of Style tribe jewelry. It can be a constant reminder of our goals. For my one little word, I plan on wearing the Be Here Now tribe bracelet all year long. 


So what intention are you going to set this year? What is your one little word? Define it and then let it define your year! Find a way to be reminded of that intention every day and make this year the year you want it to be. 

Happy shopping!