One Little Word: Allow

One little word.

2014 - Present
2015 - Vision
2016 - Action
2017 - Focus
2018 - ? 

This is my fifth year choosing a one little word to focus my year’s intention around. And I love to look back and see what I have accomplished each year and how they relate to my word. For example, in 2015, we implemented Cents of Style’s entire vision work process and my word was VISION. Then this past year, I began a gratitude and meditation practice based around my word FOCUS.

The words evolve, just as I have. And this year, the word is very new for me. Action. Focus. Present. They are all very direct and driven words. This year’s word is not. It is a pull, not a push. It is power, not force.

My one little word for 2018 is ALLOW. Allow for what life will bring this year. 


Allow for the mess.
Allow for the joy. 
Allow for the opportunity. 
Allow for the uncertainty. 
Allow is permission just to be.
Allow is to enjoy growth and expansion without the weight of pushing.
Allow is to pull. 

Just Allow.

Being an individual who is notoriously intense -- I legitimately have NO CHILL -- this year will be a practice in letting go. A practice in trust and faith; trusting that if I let go and allow, that my year, my life, and my family will all be happier, more peaceful.


And for today, this week, and maybe even this month, that may mean, not setting any other goals, going to bed early and not working 12 hour days. It may mean that the Christmas decorations stay up for another week and I do continue to eat all the holiday treats. It also may mean that in March, I’m inspired and motivated to obtain a new goal or begin a new project, and allowing for that will make me feel whole, present and enough. Neither Courtney is better or worse. She just is. She is ALLOWED to be both.

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