Nothing Down About It for Dads

After launching our Nothing Down About It graphic t-shirt in collaboration with Oakley Peterson, the woman behind the blog Nothing Down About It, we've received several requests to extend the collection and offer men's items too. We're thrilled to announce for a limited time the addition of a men's graphic t-shirt and an embroidered hat.
We've had the privilege of chatting frequently with our friend Oakley about the joy Welles, her son with Down Syndrome, brings to their family as well as the challenges of the unknown. She's incredibly open about the importance of support for families of individuals with special needs through friends, family, and organizations like the United Angels Foundation. With the goal of being an advocate for Welles in mind, Oakley started her blog in the hopes of bringing together a community to help educate, share, and support. This popular graphic t-shirt is an extension of that goal.


Nothing Down About It Men's Graphic T-Shirt

"This design is for any family with special needs, specifically with Down Syndrome. It can be so hard to adjust to your new life, your new reality. But it can also be so, so beautiful." -- Oakley Peterson


Nothing Down About It Baseball Cap

Nothing Down About It Kids Graphic T-Shirt.jpg

With the new additions to the Nothing Down About It Collection, now all family members can show their love and support for the special needs individuals and families in their lives. It's a small and loving reminder that there's nothing down about having a family member with Down Syndrome.